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Our Process

Meon Building Contractors - Step 1: Client Brief

Client Brief

At the outset of the project we sit down with the client, whether it be the home owner, their architect or designer, to discuss the initial brief. We want to get a good understanding of how the client see’s themselves living in the house so that we can deliver exactly what they are after. It is really important to get a good understanding of their vision right from the start so we are all on the same page. We will carry out a site visit to get to know the property and the surrounding area.

Pre-Contract Work

If we haven’t met with them already this is when we will sit down with the clients architect and or interior designer. We will go through all the drawings and specifications so that we can put together an accurate tender for the project. The more information we have at this stage the more accurate the tender will be. We will then issue our tender which lists every item for the project and the cost so there are no surprises for the client further down the line. We pride ourselves in being very transparent at this point.
Meon Building Contractors - Step 2: Pre-Contract Work
Meon Building Contractors - Step 3: Construction


Once the tender has been agreed and planning approved work can start on site. We have a team of highly skilled workmen who will work on your project and, where appropriate, we will bring in outside contractors, who we have a long and trusted relationship with, to carry out more specialist jobs such as plumbing. During the construction process we will have regular site visits with the architect and or designer to keep them fully updated on how the project is progressing. At the end of the build a snagging list will be complied which we will carefully go through rectifying any issues.


Probably the most exciting part of the project, handing the finished job over to the client. Walking them through any technical information they need to know. It’s at this point that many of our clients sign up to our maintenance program. This entails carrying out any after care that the property requires or preventative maintenance, such as sanding and restraining wooden floors that have become damaged and scuffed over time to general redecorating or even something as small as changing a light bulb that has gone. The client decides what level of care they require and we carry it out with the least disruption to the client as possible.
Meon Building Contractors - Step 4: The Finished Product